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In 1825, French instrument maker Denis Buffet Auger sets up his workshop in Paris and became known for producing excellent 13-key clarinets. It was not until 1836 when his son, Jean-Louis Buffet marries Zoe Crampon and creates the Buffet Crampon name. Since its creation, Buffet Crampon recently has come out with new clarinet models these past couple of years to serve the growing number of amateur and professional musicians. Learn more about the different clarinet models from Buffet Crampon and prices in this week’s guide.

Professional Models

There are currently 12 professional clarinet models that include the Légende Boxwood, Gala, Légende, Divine, Tosca, Festival, Vintage, RC Prestige, R13 Prestige, RC, R13 and the Conservatoire.

  • Légende Boxwood is a limited edition clarinet available in Bb and A. This clarinet is a result of innovations in recent years that tends to be lighter in weight than the other models.
    • Bb Clarinet: $10,150.00
  • The Gala was created after the Légende and Tradition clarinets in 2017, which later developed to the Gala clarinet in 2020. This instrument is available in Bb and A. Price: $3,099.00
  • The Tradition became available in 2019 after the success of the Légende. Available in both Bb and A, this professional model includes metal tenon caps and a low F correction key.
    • Bb Clarinet: $5,647.00 (silver) / $5,328.00 (nickel)
    • A Clarinet: $6,424 (nickel) / $6,817 (nickel)
  • The Légende was a result of developments that include metal-capped tenon, Greenline tone hole slots, a low F correction key, and ergonomic rings. This clarinet is available in both Bb and A.
    • Bb Clarinet: $7,916.00
    • A Clarinet: $8,358.00
  • The Divine was a result of a collaboration with internationally renowned clarinetist, Paul Meyer, which has an improved bore that allows more flexibility between all the registers and freer blowing.
    • Bb Clarinet: $9,089.00
    • A Clarinet: $9,459.00
  • The Tosca was designed by Michel Arrignon with an R13 bore and is available in Eb, Bb, and A in either the grenadilla wood or the Greenline composite material.
    • Bb Clarinet: $8,404.00
    • A Clarinet: $8,754.00
    • Eb Clarinet: $8,891.00
  • The Festival was designed in 1987 by Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michel Arrignon that is considered one of the most versatile instruments available in Bb and A.
    • Bb Clarinet: $5,138.00 (silver) / $5,041.00 (nickel)
    • A Clarinet: $6,424 (silver)/$6,187 (nickel)
  • The Vintage was developed by René Lesieux, a master instrument maker with Buffet Crampon for more than 40 years in 1996. This model is available in both Bb and A.
  • The RC Prestige is considered one of the top models for the RC bore family of clarinets. This clarinet is available in multiple keys: Eb, A, C, D, and Bb.
    • Bb Clarinet: $7,325.00 (silver)/$7,190.00 (nickel)
    • A Clarinet: $7,915.00
    • D Clarinet: $10,439.00
    • Eb Clarinet: $7,734.00
    • C Clarinet: $8,550.00
  • The R13 Prestige is considered one of the top clarinets in the R13 bore family. These instruments are available both in Bb and A.
    • Bb Clarinet: $7,190.00
    • A Clarinet: $7,560.00
  • The RC model was created by Robert Carrée, who was also the creator of the French bassoon and the dynaction saxophonist revolutionized the clarinet with a poly cylindrical bore, which is available in Eb, Bb, and A.
    • Bb Clarinet: $5,288.00
    • A Clarinet: $6,280.00
    • Eb Clarinet: $6,112.00
  • The R13 models were created in 1955 by Robert Carrée and is considered one of the most popular professional clarinets in the world, which are available in Eb, A, and Bb in both grenadilla and Greenline. Price:
    • Bb Clarinet: $4,425.00 (silver) / $4,050.00 (nickel)
    • A Clarinet: $5,214.00 (silver) / $4,725 (nickel)
    • Eb Clarinet: $5,984 (silver)
  • The last model of professional-level clarinets is the Conservatoire, which is only available in Bb. This instrument is one step above the intermediate level instruments and is considered an entry-level instrument to the professional level by Buffet Crampon.

There are currently a wide variety of professional models that have developed since its inception. Other professional level instruments include the: Prestige Basset, Prestige Alto, Prestige Basset Horn, Prestige Contra Alto. There are currently four bass clarinet models: three professional and one student model.

Bass Clarinets

  • The 1185 model is a shorter version of the Tosca clarinet, allowing for easier playing due to its reduced length.
  • The Prestige BC1193-1183 has an Eb/Ab level and low G resonance key and is equipped with a double D spatula and triple D spatula. Currently available in Natural African blackwood or Greenline models.
    • 1183/1183GL: $12,300.00
    • 1183R: $14,050.00
    • 1193/1193GL: $13,425.00
  • The Tosca 1195 was introduced as a new bass clarinet in 2014 conceived for the symphonic orchestra.
    • BC1195 to low C: $15,550

Student Models

  • Premium – This is a beginner instrument designed specifically for young clarinetists. Its new processed bore allows for young players to play with ease. Price: $799
  • Prodige – This beginner-level instrument is known for its tone, ergonomics, and reliability. Its bore is inspired by the E13 model. Price: $505
  • E13 – The origins of this model derive from the BC20 – a clarinet that was played by Jacques Lancelot that has been played from amateurs to advanced musicians all over the world. The current prices are:
    • Bb Clarinet: $3,399.00
    • A Clarinet: $4,050.00
  • E12F – This model was derived from professional models that are known for their ease of playing, reliability, and accurate tuning. Price: $2,299.00
  • E11 – This model is known for its free-blowing and constructed through traditional methods in Bb, A, Eb, and C. Here are the current prices:
    • Bb Clarinet: $1,599.00
    • A Clarinet: $2,599.00
    • Eb Clarinet: $3,125.00
    • C Clarinet: $3,125.00
  • 1180 – This student model bass clarinet was created to offer young students and amateurs an opportunity to learn the bass clarinet. Price: $7,082.00

In recent years, Buffet Crampon has dedicated a lot of time and energy to developing and further improving different models of clarinets throughout the course of its known history. Depending on what you are hoping to achieve in music, it is always good to go with professional-level instruments. If you are unable to afford a professional instrument, you can always consider purchasing a semi-professional or intermediate-level instrument. We hope that you found this guide useful in seeing the different clarinet models from Buffet Crampon.