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What would it take to help your local music community be even better than it is right now? What would it take to increase music participation and create greater musical mojo locally?

  • Access to master level repair?
  • Access to more quality instruments?
  • More trusted advisors to bring you clients?
  • More teachers engaged with your store?
  • A better trained sales force?

With 80% of musicians being part of the freelance economy, what would happen if we thought about musicians and music stores working more closely together to achieve the outcomes both wanted?  What if we took a fresh approach? Not by hiring more full-time staff or pressuring our biggest supporters for more selling opportunities, but instead by incentivizing them to improve their fellow musicians through education and enhanced opportunities with their local stores because there is a program that can seriously help both accomplish it.

And that is precisely why, as the owner of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop, I am writing this blog post.

Founded on the belief that if more musicians and music store owners could find helpful and easy ways to collaborate the music economy could grow more easily, I have created an Ambassador Program designed to do just this.

Musicians are some of the brightest, giving, resourceful, and industrious humans I have ever met or will know. As shop owners, we need to find new ways forward to attract the best and brightest locally to be even more engaged with our businesses and help us fuel a passion and love for music through the sale of instruments, repairs, and accessories so that the music industry can naturally- organically- be restored to health and easily grow.

So what does our Ambassador Program offer to stores?

We offer a 2-year two-level repair technician training program with master repair technician Bruce Marking – formerly head of woodwind repair at Buffet Crampon for 14 years. You can have us train someone or we can match you with a technician from our program who you can outsource repair to (or hire them full or part-time if you wish). We also are happy to help your repair staff brush up on their skills, too!

We also offer access to our Color-Ring™ System.  It’s a sales system I developed that can help you educate customers about your inventory in a fresh new way that is significantly more likely to help them make a purchase.  We have literally used it to help thousands of clients successfully buy from Lisa’s Clarinet Shop and we can teach anyone how to use it too.

Finally, when a local musician becomes an advancing performer and is the most likely to turn to a store like ours, we are happy to help supplement a local store’s inventory to make sure the sale stays close to home. When a store becomes an Ambassador with us, they gain access to a vast inventory of high-end professional clarinets, flutes, and saxophones without the added headache or expense of having to purchase a bunch to sell one.

As a Top 200 retailer for over 10 years, and having run an operation with 10M in mail-order business, distribution, and servicing over 5000 band rentals in northern Illinois with a staff of a dozen in repair, I launched a sales and marketing company called Sales Through our Ambassador Program, we also offer business coaching, sales training and marketing support too for stores.

Our program is designed by musicians, for musicians – and not just about musicians that play the clarinet, of course. It’s about all musicians, all woodwind instruments, and all forms of musical income – from repair to instrument sales.

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is a viable source for:

  • Supporting the Musical gig referrals and networking (with a built-in way to benefit from those referrals for your local teachers and key influencers)
  • Precise instrument information you can rely upon
  • Woodwind repair courses
  • Instrument replacement parts
  • New and used professional woodwind instruments
  • A unique sales system based on color and shape of sound
  • Sales training and community support

Not only can we teach a store all of our secrets to selling success, but we will help you recruit others through our sales systems and support services to become ambassadors to your store as well through Sales Maven.

The key to understanding our approach is to understand that when we all work more closely together and create systems designed for everyone in them to win, we create a ripple effect among everyone around us. To do that, requires embracing new ideas and understanding that when we help our community advance through a program like Lisa’s Clarinet Shop’s Ambassador Program, we are creating a fresh perspective on how to hire a remote workforce as well as help musicians advance their careers. Through the Ambassador Program, we can help a store create and build on their own.

Our Ambassador Program will help you attain new knowledge that can help bring you closer to your goals – as well as those in your musical community.

Our program is designed to help others network with a rewards program for referrals. The program tracks whom you recommend, what you recommend, which programs you take and complete, and provides incentives around those opportunities.

Through this program, Lisa’s Clarinet Shop has built a healthy, supportive, psychologically safe, and thriving online network through which musicians can collaborate, earn more income, and strengthen their skills while helping your store do better and be more effective serving your local community.

So, is this program a win-win for you? Here’s how to know:

  • You want to build a more successful and do it through a sharing community
  • You enjoy learning about equipment and want to pass it on
  • You enjoy paying others for their expertise and having more opportunities to keep musical purchases in your local community
  • You enjoy helping others play better and improve and have the patience to do it.
  • You and/or your students or customers frequently find yourself in need of quality affordable repair.
  • You enjoy helping your students select new instruments and need reliable information towards that end.
  • You want the best quality you can afford for yourself and those in your local music community
  • You want music-making to be a bigger part of more people’s lives.

If you see yourself in these statements, chances are good that Lisa’s Clarinet Shop Ambassador Program could offer real benefits for you, or the store you own.

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is all about helping develop a deeper love of music by helping you use new knowledge and opportunities to advance your career or store. It’s about tapping into your passion for music and sharing it with others.

Ready to learn more?

The best way to find out about this program designed for musicians by musicians — is to set up a 30-minute discovery call. That way, we can answer your specific questions about the topics and specifics that most interest you. Call (773) 756-2163 ext 700 and open the door to Lisa’s Clarinet Shop.