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When you think of what compromises a lush forest you know a thriving sharing economy has been built. Why? Because everything in it must be able to sustain itself and coexist comfortably to produce that kind of rich density. This is the nature of how a sharing economy works- through sharing and collaboration. So, it’s no surprise, that building a stronger music economy that will bring growth and life to school music programs requires finding new ways to happily co-exist and share in ways we can all accept and embrace.

Let’s face it. The profit margins in the music industry are not great for the tremendous amount of inventory you need to have to please a broad cross section of your community. I know. I have been there having built a 10M business that was a Top 200 retailed based on Music Trades’ annual list. I truly understand how razor thin the margins can be and how hard it can be to financially carry the inventory load.

If you rent band and string instruments to clients, it’s going to be really difficult to develop a diverse selection of professional instruments until you pass the threshold and own all your rental inventory. Developing sales for step-up instruments requires stocking professional instruments and investing into them being properly set up. If you are a repair shop or general music store, it’s difficult to consider this kind of investment all together because it’s simply not enough.

The way we have made this large-scale investment work profitably is to provide a niche service and to scale it, which other music stores who sell only professional instruments have done as well to improve their profitability.

So here is one way we can contribute to building a sharing music economy with you:

Let Lisa’s Clarinet Shop help you.

And if you like how we work together, then we have a few other professional shops we are partnering up with to help fill your inventory when you do have a client ready to buy. The advantage for you is that your store can tell your customer that we are partnering with you. By doing so, they trust you more because you are helping them sound and play their absolute best using our proven Color-Ring™ System to match professional instruments to musicians.  When you join our Ambassador Program, you gain access to our training program on how to use our color-rings™ across your entire woodwind, brass, and string instruments lines. Our system will help you teach buyers how to assess their natural color and shape of sound they make and what they need from the instrument to sound and play their best.

Our Color-Ring System™ is the result of 30 years or working with clients to identify their needs. The result has been some of the most heartwarming moments shared with my customers throughout my professional career. Our process is designed to truly help your client advance quickly with not just the right model but the right color and shape of sound that will allow them to instantly improve. Our process will increase those big eureka moments for your customers and help you build lots of trust and meaningful relationships as a result.

When you work hard to help build a market by creating a great rental program, speedy school service delivery, excellent repair services, and by combining all the skills that you are amazing at, you will be in a far better place to grow your business by partnering with others – who can help you shine in areas that you can’t devote time to, and the financial resources to cultivate.

To thrive in the professional instrument sales business requires an incredibly deep commitment to delivering specific services and products that are custom-fit to each player. It requires a large inventory and a lot of professional set-up work for each instrument to ensure they play at the level required to sell them.

As a result, what most music stores do, is turn that business away or offer just a few instruments that leave customers mostly unsatisfied.  We can help you sell your clients an instrument that fits their needs perfectly and advance your relationship to ensure future business and repair business with them. We pay for 90-day adjustment servicing through quality repair shops and if you need more support with repair, we can either find you a repair technician studying in our program currently or you can help us find one who we can train for you.

We want the business to stay local. We want to share what we know and be fairly compensated for it. We want to work with stores who care about building a more collaborative environment designed to help young musicians, educators, teachers, repair techs, music store owners, and manufacturers all win simultaneously.  If you believe in win-win-win-win-win-wins, then hit reply and let’s talk about how we can help you build your professional and step-up sales.

Ready to learn more?

The best way to find out about this program is to set up a 30-minute discovery call. That way, we can answer your specific questions about the topics and specifics that most interest you. Call (773) 756-2163 ext. 700 and open the door to Lisa’s Clarinet Shop.