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Is your music store getting the ratings and reviews it deserves?

If your answer is NO, it’s probably because you’re not asking for them! Or you’re not requesting them the right way.

Whether you’re bashful, forgetful, or afraid to ask, customers who love you want to help you out.

Getting positive ratings and reviews is critical today. Studies report that up to nine out of ten consumers check them before making a purchase from a new business.

In this article, I’ll explain how you can get more — and better — online recommendations for your music store.

How to get more ratings and reviews.

Start with customers who express happiness and gratitude when they purchase something from you. Think of them as your ambassadors, people who could spread the word about how great your store is. They could be the driving force for growing your business.

The best way to ask for ratings and reviews is in two parts.

First, after you complete a transaction with a happy customer, ask if you can send them an email or text message later with a link to your preferred reviews page, whether it’s Google, Facebook, on your website, or another one.

Remember: Your customers like you. You spend a lot of time with them, sometimes an hour or more, sharing your knowledge, experience, and energy. You’re only asking for three minutes — at most — in return.

Next: If they agree to review you, at a convenient time of day (probably after dinner and before bed), send an email or text message asking for the review with a link to your review website.

Explain in your email that reviews let prospective customers know that you are good at what you do, that your shop is unique in some way, you have a great selection of products, and your store provides an enjoyable shopping experience.

As I’ve outlined in the previous paragraph, the messaging should prompt customers about what you want the review to say because it will help prevent generic or bland recommendations.

The text message or email shouldn’t be too long. And if your customer doesn’t have time to write a review, tell them a simple rating would be okay. Always close your message or email with a sincere thank you.

Why the two-step review process is better.

This process is more effective than just asking for a review in person OR via text or email.

The two parts act as a setup and reminder. If you only ask for a review at the end of a transaction, it’s likely your customer will forget about it on their trip home. If you just send a message later in the day, there may be a disconnect, and the customer won’t remember what transaction the request is related to. (People buy lots of stuff every day.) The two-step approach is a complete way to request recommendations.

You may want to add a third step with a reminder request for people who don’t respond to the original text or email. Just don’t badger them with too many reminders. You don’t want to lose a good customer because you irritate them or seem too needy.

Our two-step process is a proven way to generate more five-star ratings and reviews and a whole lot more business. Try it out today.