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For those of you who are able, now is a wonderful time to improve your playing and take advance of all the time you have at home to accomplish some of your playing goals. Since so many events have been cancelled, and most of us are on a ‘stay in place’ self imposed mandate, its pretty easy to use our mail order service to try out clarinets and find something you can dramatically improve on right now.

While we know it’s worrying how everything has slowed down, to help out we have extended our free financing terms, with credit approval, to go out as far as 24 months interest free.

Our clarinet keys are wiped off after every trial and before anything is sent out. Our set-up attention to detail is still very high however, we are just now all working from home making things move a little slower. But otherwise, our selection of instruments to meet your needs is good and we are still open for mailorder business.

Bottom line: if you are able to continue to invest in your development, now is the perfect time to do so because you have more if it than usual of it to actually execute and quickly improve.